Paul Savramis Says NCPD Programs to Establish Positive Relationship Between Rising Star Youths and Police

Paul Savramis Nassau County PoliceRising Stars founder Paul Savramis is proud to offer programs with the Nassau County Police Department Foundation (NCPD) as part of Rising Stars new community initiatives for 2013.

Q:  Teaming up with NCPD seems exciting. What is the main goal of this initiative?

Paul Savramis: We want Rising Stars youths to get to know the Police  on a more personal level. We also want them to understand that the police are their friends and that they are able to reach out to them.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Nassau County Police Department Foundation.

Paul Savramis: The NCPD Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers financial support for programs and initiatives that are run by the NCPD to provide  residents with an improved quality of life through excellence in police work.

Q: What are some of the programs kids can be part of?

Paul Savramis:  The Police Youth Academy gives high school students an opportunity to experience the work police officers do every day. These students attend the Academy for one day. There are also special days for elementary school kids that include a helicopter landing, the k9 unit, and the horseback group. Kids just love it.

Q: What is the goal of the Youth Academy?

Paul Savramis: The purpose of the Police Youth Academy is to expose Elementary and High School students to police work, enhance responsible citizenship, and establish a positive relationship with the police. More than that, the purpose is to have a day of fun and games to demonstrate the police as a group of friends.

Q: What does the program consist of?

Paul Savramis: The program consists of lectures, police demonstrations, physical training, obstacle course exercises, and defensive tactics. At the end of the day, kids have a better understanding and respect for police. Rising Stars has done programs with different police groups around the country.

Q: What other programs are available through NCPD?

Paul Savramis: NCPD provides the Return Every Adult and Child Home (REACH) registry, which is a law enforcement-maintained database of children and adults with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, and other disorders that make them more likely to become a missing person and that potentially may limit their ability to communicate. This database includes photographs and personal information for locating the registrants.

Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars in 1996 to help youths develop life skills through playing basketball. The foundation focuses on sports, education, and teamwork.