Paul Savramis and Rising Stars to Offer Anti-Bullying Seminar

Paul-Savramis-Anti-Bullying1Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars, recently held an anti-bullying seminar as part of Rising Stars yearly community outreach offerings to youth. The awareness seminar, according to Paul Savramis, addressed the growing prevalence of both bullying and cyber-bullying, especially in sports.

Rising Stars is a youth-oriented sports program founded by Paul Savramis that connects with children and teens in communities. The program ignites participants’ competitive spirits and teaches them everything from athletic skill to sportsmanship and team building, Paul Savramis stresses.

To address the hot-button issue of bullying, Paul Savramis says Rising Stars leaders Dan Gimpel and Mark Rosen have put together an informative program. Paul Savramis says that Gimpel discussed how team athletics can help youth overcome bullying. By bringing youth together through competitive, challenging activities, Paul Savramis and his team combat boredom and encourage more positive responses to conflicts with others.

Paul Savramis advises that this seminar directly addressed the various issues children and teens face during these important developmental years. Rising Stars, Paul Savramis stresses, teaches youth how to be part of the solution, raising awareness and providing guidance for those who participate in the program. The seminar was conducted by Sarah Cushman, Ph.D. Director of Youth Education of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County.

Both youth and their parents found the bullying presentation engaging, Paul Savramis relates, due to the interactive skits and role-playing activities Rising Stars incorporated.

According to Paul Savramis, Rising Stars also set up an ongoing outreach program to continue promoting awareness of the many issues young people face today. Paul Savramis states that Rising Stars is also working on seminars on the topic of drugs and gang violence in schools. Rising Stars also plans to host a family day for the parents and siblings of members, Paul Savramis adds.

Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars in 2006 following his work with summer basketball camps. The goal of Rising Stars, according to Paul Savramis, is to both provide athletic instruction and to build confidence in its young participants.