Paul Savramis on How Student-Athletes Must Focus on Academics First

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis, founder and director of Rising Stars sports camps, has one significant piece of advice for all of his prodigies looking to attend college: The decision to attend college and the process of selecting that college begins when entering high school.

According to Paul Savramis, the decision to attend a college or university requires a proactive attitude from everyone involved in the process. That process needs to involve more than just student-athletes. Paul Savramis encourages speaking often with family, friends and high school counselors to determine options, learn the facts and determine the best possible strategy.

Paul Savramis notes that HS guidance counselors and the NCAA have a number of helpful tools to guide students and provide specific answers about eligibility. But these are tools that the student needs to reach out for and not tools that will drop into their laps. If a student athlete wishes to participate in a college sport, there are additional requirements and specific rules to consider. The road to getting into the right college is a difficult one to navigate and a road map is absolutely necessary.

High school and college admission counselors can provide some resources but investigating alternatives that may be right for the student is often left up to the student, says Paul Savramis. Options include applying for internships, studying abroad, or participating in a community service project that can help in the application process.

Finding a good fit requires time and thoughtfulness, stresses Paul Savramis. Visiting college websites and learning about what events take place is a critical first step. Plus, Paul Savramis points out that these online portals will educate students on guest speakers from select colleges locally, special events, and contact information for current students and faculty from colleges.

Paul Savramis encourages all students to make both early and many visits to schools—preferably with parents or family members—and appointments with college admissions personnel. The best time to visit a college is when school is in session, says Paul Savramis. On holidays, prospective students typically see a series of empty buildings.

A student’s curriculum choices can help determine his or her college options but Paul Savramis believes that being undecided on a major is actually a good thing and will leave students open to more academic experiences. Few high school students possess the knowledge or experience to select a major before entering college. In the experience of Paul Savramis, students need a variety of coursework while in college to determine their interest and aptitude in a particular field. That variety is important and essential to the overall college experience.

Under the guidance of Paul Savramis, Rising Stars has visited colleges across the country and established relationships with numerous coaches so as to be able to help guide Rising Stars seniors and provide a map for the difficult road ahead. Paul Savramis, a 20-year veteran of the sporting and recreational camps industry, is familiar with the various opportunities available to students at colleges and universities throughout the United States. As a benefit to his Rising Stars graduates, Paul Savramis and the Rising Stars staff write a personalized letter to admissions officers describing their experiences with the prospective college student.