Paul Savramis Highlights Rising Stars Partnership with Variety Boys & Girls Club

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis recently announced that Rising Stars, Inc. was pursuing a new partnership with the Variety Boys & Girls Club in Long Island. This new alliance is nearly identical to Rising Stars’ existing partnership with the Long Island City YMCA. It is also in one of the first areas that late Rising Stars visionary and child advocate Tyrone Greene worked so hard to initiate the Rising Stars program.

Rising Stars and the Variety Boys & Girls Club share common values and priorities. Each of the organizations has the singular goal of enriching the lives of children. Through this endeavor, Paul Savramis and the team at Rising Stars hopes to arm the next generation of adults with the power and knowledge to overcome the obstacles and challenges they face. The Variety Boys & Girls Club offers numerous educational and athletic opportunities to students that include a STEM education program and advanced computer lab.

Paul SavramisAccording to Paul Savramis, the partnership between Rising Stars and the Variety Boys & Girls Club would not have been possible without support from the Long Island City YMCA. The YMCA served as a liaison between the organizations and has been a huge source of support. Paul Savramis is extremely excited for this new relationship and believes it will be as successful as Rising Stars’ current involvement with the YMCA. The Y program, he explains, has led to private school placement for nearly a dozen boys and numerous private educational opportunities for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student athletes.

About the Variety Boys and Girls Club

The Variety Boys & Girls Club serves Long Island City by providing a broad range of youth programs. Paul Savramis explains that through structured educational, athletic, and social activities, the Variety Boys & Girls Club is a positive environment and a constructive alternative to the streets.

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Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis