Paul Savramis | Former Rising Stars Succeed by Giving Back

Paul SavramisRising Stars Inc. founder Paul Savramis understands that many lessons learned on the basketball court translate to everyday life. Emphasizing academic achievements and positive life skills, as well as providing youth with the opportunity to achieve success and a better lifestyle, Rising Stars has successfully utilized basketball to promote education to youth throughout the greater New York area.

Every young man and woman who has played on Rising Stars teams is a personal testament to the strength and dedication of the mentors and coaches of this program. “We take much pride in what these fine young people have been able to accomplish on and off the court,” says Paul Savramis.

Many Rising Stars students go on to become successful entrepreneurs. The innovative startup company HubCharge, which provides wireless charging solutions for mobile devices, was founded at Babson College by a former Rising Stars student.

The accomplishments don’t stop here. Sean Miller, head coach for the University of Arizona Wildcats and Chris Murphy, head men’s coach at Union College, are both former Rising Stars.

Along with athletic skills, kids at Rising Stars also develop the spirit of giving back, says Paul Savramis. Former standout point guard and product of the Rising Stars youth foundation Jay Williams works tirelessly with his charity of choice, Rising Stars, inspiring children to be the best that they can be.

According to Paul Savramis, the youth foundation tries to instill love for lifelong learning and an appreciation for mentorship. “Role models are the people you deal with. They are the people that are in your face and you can talk to; not necessarily an actor or athlete on the TV screen,” says Paul Savramis.

A helping hand early in life can make all the difference, concludes Paul Savramis.