Paul Savramis Shares Hearts & Hoops 2019 Event

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis is no stranger to charitable giving. In fact, the Rising Stars Youth Foundation founder insists that all participants in the RS program give back to their communities. But there are a few charity events that stand out for 2019, and RSYF’s participation in One Sandwich At A Time is one of these.

Q: What is One Sandwich At A Time?

Paul Savramis: This is a local charity that provides food for homeless and undernourished people. Through the program, organizations in New York City band together to make sandwiches for homeless people. It was founded by humanitarian and photographer Erin Dinan after she noticed the extreme levels of poverty around NYC.

Q: Why does Rising Stars Youth Foundation choose to volunteer with this organization?

Paul Savramis: One Sandwich At A Time shares many of the same values as Rising Stars Youth Foundation. One of these is that no person should be left behind. Through our giving program, Hearts & Hoops, Rising Stars Youth Foundation student-athletes have an opportunity to participate in this and many other community service projects.

Q: What are some of the other community organizations with which you have a relationship?

Paul Savramis: Another one similar to this is the Homeless Bus. We also work with Long Island Lutheran High School during their annual meal packing event. Rising Stars Youth Foundation student-athletes have also worked closely with the Ronald McDonald House’s Meals from the Heart program, which brings our older students into Ronald McDonald homes to prepare meals for the families who have children in the hospital.

Q: Why is volunteering so important?

Paul Savramis: I think that volunteering within your community is great for everyone. However, many of our students-athletes come from poverty, and these events and organizations give them an opportunity to see that they can create a new future for themselves and their own families by simply giving back.