Paul Savramis: 2020 News And Updates

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars Youth Foundation, says that 2020 has started off with many highs and extreme lows. He says, however, that despite the roller coaster of the year, his organization remains steadfast in its commitment to its student athletes and their families. Here, Paul Savramis opens up about happenings thus far for 2020.

Q: How has the death of Kobe Bryant impacted Rising Stars Youth Foundation?

Paul Savramis: The sad and tragic event has really hit home. Kobe was a great friend to RSYF, and his death was felt hard by our staff and players alike. But we continue to honor his memory by giving our hearts and souls to the sport and to our communities.

Q: What are some community events that Rising Stars has participated in so far?

Paul Savramis: One of the most fun was our pancake fundraiser at Applebee’s. We did this on February 2, and sold more than 140 tickets. I would like to take a moment to give thanks to our coaches and parents along with Hank Williams for making this event possible.

Q: Have there been any milestone moments this year?

Paul Savramis: Many of our founding girls team players are slated to graduate high school in 2020. We’ve already begun gearing up for the celebrations, and want to thank these young ladies for paving the way for all of the young girls who have joined a team in the eight years since. Many of the girls graduating this year joined the Rising Stars family back in fifth grade, and have since then given us their trust and commitment. We look forward to seeing where these young women wind up in the future.

Q: What is your middle school initiative?

Paul Savramis: Our middle school initiative works with students from fifth grade through seventh grade that need a little help in different areas. Currently, fifth-graders are learning an important lesson about financial literacy. Our seventh grade student athletes are getting a chemistry lesson, while our eighth graders are working on their essay-writing skills.