Paul Savramis on RSYF’s 2018 Gala Man of the Year

Paul Savramis Rising Star's Gala 2018For the past 16 years, Rising Stars Youth Foundation has hosted a dinner to raise funds for its programs and support the student athletes within. Paul Savramis, RSYF founder, explains that the dinner is also an opportunity to honor the men and women who have made the organization’s community involvement possible. For 2018, RSYF’s Man of the Year is Mr. Joe Feshbach.

Paul Savramis describes Feshbach as a man who deeply cares about the future of his community. He is an investment expert with more than 40 years of experience and has worked with some of the biggest names in finance throughout his illustrious career. But where Mr. Feshbach really shines is in his commitment to making changes today that will lead to a better tomorrow.

Joe Feshbach is the co-chair of the Forum on Law and Culture Society. Through this organization, Paul Savramis explains that Feshbach works with other NY leaders to address topics facing the people of the state – and the world – each year. In addition to all his good works Feshbach is a long-time supporter of RSYF, Mr. Feshbach joined an impressive fraternity of past men of the year. They include MidOcean Partner CEO Ten Virtue, Mr. Thomas J. Quinlan, III, Chairman, President and CEO of LSC Communications, Mark Clouse, CEO Pinnacle Foods, Seth Waugh, Former CEO of Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs director of Alumni Mike Troy. All of these men have been honored for their belief and support of Rising Stars programs, but Mr. Feshbach was the first to have gone through the foundation with his son, Josh, from grades three through graduation of college (Brown University). With his support and the support of other leaders within the community, Rising Star’s athletes will continue to dominate both the courts and the academic world.

Paul Savramis notes that in addition to recognizing a man of the year, the RSYF Gala raises awareness about the organization’s mission, which, at its core, is to improve the lives of boys and girls. RSYF is a combination athletic and academic program for kids wishing to play basketball and to make a difference within their own neighborhoods. Through sports, RSYF teaches kids how to overcome problems they face each day.

Student athletes come from all areas of life: some from areas where drugs and gangs dominate, others from where they face equally challenging obstacles. Through a focus on education, community, and athletics, Paul Savramis and his team give kids the best start they can have in life and the equal opportunity they deserve to cross the finish line into adulthood.

Rising Stars 2018 Gala Video