Nitsa Savramis Art Gallery

Nitsa SavramisNitsa Savramis (mother of Paul Savramis) is the kind of artist whose work, especially portraits, expresses uncanny knowledge of human feelings. She seems to get “under the skins” of every type of persona. That is a rare gift and one that sets Mrs. Savramis’ work apart.

Nitsa has used her talent to reach handicapped kids across Europe and has found the results to be spiritually uplifting. To quote Nitsa Savramis, “There are untold secrets revealed in the human face.”

Her works hang in Paris, London, Zurich, Rome and Munich as well as Greenwich Village. Immediately after the release of her painting of Prince Constantine of Greece, her work drew attention throughout Europe. She was also commissioned by Archbishop Michael – the then head of the Greek Church – who later came to America to help draw recognition of her art there. Nitsa’s ties to the world of art were many and varied, including Picasso.

Nitsa Savramis“There are untold secrets revealed in the human face.” – Nitsa Savramis