Paul Savramis | Rising Stars Kids Make a Difference

Paul SavramisIdle hands, says Paul Savramis, can be full of risks. Especially in children, where boredom often leads to mischief. Here, Savramis discusses a few ways the Rising Stars organization helps student athletes fill their time with positive community projects and exactly what that means to the athletes and recipients.

Q: What kinds of charity organizations do Rising Stars’ student athletes volunteer with?

Paul Savramis: Our boys and girls have numerous opportunities each year to make a difference in their local communities. One of our biggest volunteer opportunities is the Long Island Lutheran High School Food Drive. This awesome community event collects food for hundreds of children…enough food to last each child an entire year!

Q: How many food packets were filled this year?

Paul Savramis: In April, we packed over 300,000 boxes of nutritionally balanced food. These were delivered both locally and to hungry children across the globe. Our team packed enough food for over 500 kids.

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Paul Savramis Praises Courage of Former Rising Stars Athlete Jay Williams

Paul SavramisIn his new book, “Life is Not an Accident,” Jay Williams admits the mistakes that cost him his career. But Paul Savramis says the Rising Stars alumni didn’t let fate deal him a final hand, and that he has played his cards better than anyone could have imagined.

Jay Williams was the first pick of the Chicago Bulls and the  second pick overall in the 2002 NBA Draft. He was a national champion, two time all american and recent Duke University graduate (One of a very few to graduate in  three years) with a promising career laid at his very talented feet, says Paul Savramis. But Williams was like most young men that experience a rapid rise to success.He was ready to take on the world, ready for whatever challenges might lie in his path and ready to experience life’s thrills and adventures. What he wasn’t ready for, however,was the possible consequences of too much too soon.

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Paul Savramis | Former Rising Stars Succeed by Giving Back

Paul SavramisRising Stars Inc. founder Paul Savramis understands that many lessons learned on the basketball court translate to everyday life. Emphasizing academic achievements and positive life skills, as well as providing youth with the opportunity to achieve success and a better lifestyle, Rising Stars has successfully utilized basketball to promote education to youth throughout the greater New York area.

Every young man and woman who has played on Rising Stars teams is a personal testament to the strength and dedication of the mentors and coaches of this program. “We take much pride in what these fine young people have been able to accomplish on and off the court,” says Paul Savramis.

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Paul Savramis Leads Rising Stars Student Athletes in Community Service Projects

Paul SavramisDecember 14th, 2015 was a big night for some of the city’s smallest athletes. Rising Stars, a non-profit basketball program founded by Paul Savramis, held its first Hearts & Hoops event at Long Island Lutheran High School. Here, Savramis opens up about how the students opened their hearts.

Q: What was the idea behind this inaugural Hearts & Hoops event?

Paul Savramis: We always strive to keep our athletes involved in projects that make their community a better place. The Hearts & Hoops event was an idea that developed watching how well these players worked together on and off the court. We thought, “Imagine what they can do with all of this positive energy…”

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Paul Savramis Welcomes Tyrone Green as NYC Community Initiatives Director for Rising Stars Youth Foundation

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis is the founder of Rising Stars Inc., a New York–based sports outreach that helps young people develop life skills through playing basketball and the power of teams. Here he discusses a significant addition to his team, Tyrone Green.

Q: Paul Savramis, please tell us about this new addition to your leadership staff.

Paul Savramis: I’m proud to welcome my lifetime friend Tyrone Green to the Rising Stars Youth Foundation as NYC Community Initiatives Director. Tyrone Green has been by my side running community sports clinics for more than 20 years.

Q: Is Tyrone a native New Yorker?

Paul Savramis: Tyrone was raised in the housing projects in Astoria, Queens. Like me, he has personally experienced the odds stacked against inner-city kids and has spent his life trying to broaden their opportunities. I met Tyrone over 30 years ago working with kids at a PAL youth center in Jamaica, Queens, where I was raised. Continue reading

Paul Savramis on How Student-Athletes Must Focus on Academics First

Paul SavramisPaul Savramis, founder and director of Rising Stars sports camps, has one significant piece of advice for all of his prodigies looking to attend college: The decision to attend college and the process of selecting that college begins when entering high school.

According to Paul Savramis, the decision to attend a college or university requires a proactive attitude from everyone involved in the process. That process needs to involve more than just student-athletes. Paul Savramis encourages speaking often with family, friends and high school counselors to determine options, learn the facts and determine the best possible strategy.

Paul Savramis notes that HS guidance counselors and the NCAA have a number of helpful tools to guide students and provide specific answers about eligibility. But these are tools that the student needs to reach out for and not tools that will drop into their laps. If a student athlete wishes to participate in a college sport, there are additional requirements and specific rules to consider. The road to getting into the right college is a difficult one to navigate and a road map is absolutely necessary. Continue reading

Paul Savramis and Rising Stars to Offer Anti-Bullying Seminar

Paul-Savramis-Anti-Bullying1Paul Savramis, founder of Rising Stars, recently held an anti-bullying seminar as part of Rising Stars yearly community outreach offerings to youth. The awareness seminar, according to Paul Savramis, addressed the growing prevalence of both bullying and cyber-bullying, especially in sports.

Rising Stars is a youth-oriented sports program founded by Paul Savramis that connects with children and teens in communities. The program ignites participants’ competitive spirits and teaches them everything from athletic skill to sportsmanship and team building, Paul Savramis stresses.

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